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About Us

Our Mission

At 3-D Welding, we strive to be innovators and leaders in the miscellaneous steel industry. This is achieved through extraordinary customer service, quick turnaround, and an integrity that helps us create quality products. We work with our clients to ensure that we meet all of their needs including initial design, and value engineering. 3-D Welding guarantees a commitment to each client to establish a relationship based on trust and understanding. At 3-D Welding, we are infinitely dedicated to your satisfaction, knowing that the materials for your project will be provided with the utmost of care, and superior workmanship.

Training and Safety

As tradesmen, we strive to be experts in all aspects of our field, particularly safety. As experienced steel erectors we are well aware of the dangers involved in the profession, and as a result we put a special emphasis on making safety our number one priority. Our supervisors and foremen are specially trained to understand the rules and to foresee hazardous situations in order to prevent them. Skill and safety training are required and all of our staff is required to continually update these techniques because, after all, “A trained ironworker is a safe ironworker”.

Steel Fabrication

3-D Welding specializes in miscellaneous steel and light structural steel fabrication. Our facilities, equipment, and employee experience allow us to provide our customers with high-quality custom products at reasonable prices. Our services include budget estimates, detailing, structural steel fabrication, and miscellaneous steel fabrication such as stairs, rails, etc. We provide a complete package from estimating, steel detailing, fabrication right through final installation, all while meeting each customer’s specific needs. 

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